HBCAFC's Skill Centre Open mets the standards from New Zealand Football and the Club has been awarded the accreditation to deliver this programme.  Our Coaches in the programme are Junior Level 3 qualified Coaches.  This program focuses on developing players game, understanding and improving their skills in a team environment.   

Who: all players 9 - 12 years old / boys and girls / club members and not

Weeks: 8 weeks
Cost: $72



MIXED (boys and girls)

When: Tuesday starting 22nd October 

Time: 4.30 - 5.45pm

Location: Metro Park, Millwater

GIRLS only (note change of day and location)

When: now Tuesdays 

Time: 4.30 - 5.45pm

Location: now Metro Park, Millwater


1. Receiving the ball (receiving to attack)

2. Travelling with the ball (dribbling)

3. 1 v 1 (attacking when facing a defender)

4. Tracking (when facing an opponent)

5. Striking the ball (short passing)

6. Traveling with the ball (running with the ball)

7.  Pressing (show opponents toward a team mate)

8. Striking the ball (shooting)

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PO Box 492, Silverdale, Auckland 0944

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