Sports field closures are posted on the Auckland Council Website after 2pm each day (see link below)

We will only push out a notification on our CLUB APP if fields are closed. This will be between 2pm and 2.30pm each day.

During the week there will be no updates on this website or Facebook, just the Auckland Council Website and Club APP

All goals away after your training. Goals left on fields are now (as with prior seasons) been confiscated by Council as they are health and safety hazards and get in the way of the council mowers. If goals are left out, we will have no choice but to lock them away for game days only (Quote: The Football Gringe).



Kids are not to swing on them. (Quote: The Football Gringe) Neither are the parents (Quote: The footballing kids)

Field allocations: Each team has been allocated quarter of the field. That is the hand we have been dealt unfortunately. Victim of our own growth, not enough fields in certain areas. We do have some additional space at Edith Hopper or during daylight Stanmore Bay. It’s just our facilities are average. Yes, Metro Park will be good, but that doesn’t help those that live in Gulf Harbour. 


Just because someone is not on the fields next to you means they are available. Some teams may start ½ hour later than yours. Common sense prevails please. Obviously if no one is on the field next to you for a number of weeks (they may have gone and done futsal etc) then by all means use.


If you are not using your field allocation, please let us know. There are others that will. We have tried as best we could to fit around Coaches time of work, location of teams, field availability etc. Some are let’s just say not so happy with the hand they have been dealt, so if you’re not using yours, let us know.


If you are doing repetitive drills, drills that are tearing up the grass, please do them off to the side of the pitch. Also, please stay out of goal mouths too. Whilst it may look ok now, trust me, come June the Football Gringe’s evil twin brother at Council will have no hesitation in closing them if they look at all worn. So please do self manage them.


Finally, common sense please. Yes we will all like to have the best equipment to train with, goals, nets etc at our disposal, best fields. Unfortunately after NZ Football, Northern Football and the Taxman all take their share, so please look after what we have, and remember to thank the coaches, managers, mum and dad taxi drivers, they have all given up their time to make this happen.

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